Faculty Research Support Services

Research Development

The Research Development team at the University of Michigan strives to connect researchers to resources and increase its investigators’ competitiveness in obtaining extramural research funding. Its activities include coordinating internal funding programs, matching faculty to funding opportunities, offering workshops for skill-building, developing online resources and facilitating interdisciplinary collaborations. Learn more about centralized research development through the Office of Research.

Stay tuned for updated information about research development support through IRWG.

Contract and Grant Administration

Melissa Karby, Associate Director for Research Administration at the Office of the Vice President for Research, is currently providing grant administration services for IRWG, including the pre- and post-award administration of federal and nonfederal research proposals and awarded projects.

  • Pre-award assistance includes:
    • reviewing proposal announcement guidelines and restrictions;
    • provides an submission timeline for important application deadlines;
    • budget development;
    • completion of required sponsor/agency forms;

Post-award assistance includes:

  • work with the UM Office of Research and Sponsored Projects to understand the terms and conditions of the project award;
  • initiate any subcontract required on project;
  • provide monthly financial summary reports and projections;
  • make sure annual sponsor progress reports are submitted in a timely manner;
  • handle expenditure compliance issues (annual uniform guidance reports);
  • complete appropriate budget reallocations;
  • submit requests for no-cost time extension
  • coordinate salary effort for project personnel;
  • manage close-out/inactivation process for award


The Office of the Vice President for Research provides resources for all active researchers, including those engaged in human research, and research administrators across the three U-M campuses. Here are a few of note: