Call for Nominations for the Lane Hall Exhibit Space

Nominate an Exhibit or Artist for the Lane Hall Exhibit Space 
Fall Semester 2024 or Winter Semester 2025

The Women's and Gender Studies Department and the Institute for Research on Women and Gender invite nominations for an exhibit to be hosted in the Lane Hall Exhibit Space from August–December 2024 or January–July 2025. Proposed exhibits should be broadly related to issues of women and gender. The deadline for nominations is Monday, April 1, 11:59PM ET. Notifications will be sent in the spring.

Nominations for exhibits come from University of Michigan faculty. 

Nominations will go to the Graduate Fellow for Exhibits, and a selection will be made by a committee of faculty and staff from WGS and IRWG for final approval by the director of IRWG and the Chair of Women’s and Gender Studies.

Please send your nomination to

Nominations should include the following:

  • Description of the artist and/or the work, including how the exhibit relates to issues of women and/or gender. Please include visuals, the artist’s website (if applicable), and contact information.
  • Project Budget.
    • Please include any contributions by the artist or nominating unit.
    • Women’s and Gender Studies / IRWG can provide up to $1500 which typically covers installation supplies and opening reception.
  • Programming that might be organized around the exhibit, including class visits, artist talk, workshops. The selection committee prioritizes exhibits that seek to connect with the university and local community through interactive exhibition elements, programs, resources, and other educational and creative avenues.
  • Special handling the exhibit might require, including framing and shipping.
  • When the work is available. 
    • For consideration for the Fall 2024 exhibit, work must be available mid to late-August, 2024. 
    • For the Winter 2025 exhibit, work must be available late-December 2024. 
  • Please indicate if the work would be available for one or both exhibit periods or for a future exhibit (e.g., the following academic year).
  • Other considerations.

Exhibit requirements:

  • Artworks should be two-dimensional, able to be displayed on gallery walls, extending no more than 4 inches from the wall
  • The exhibit space includes approximately 132.5 linear feet of display wall. Adjustable track lighting runs on a picture rail 7’2” from the floor along the display walls.
  • Small three-dimensional objects can be displayed in two 48” x 48”x 18” locked display cases.
  • The exhibit space cannot accommodate large, three dimensional installations.

About the Lane Hall Exhibit Space:

  • The exhibit space is located in the main lobby of Lane Hall, 204 S. State Street.
  • Exhibits are available for public viewing during regular business hours (or by appointment for class visits). 
  • Artist’s talks are given on occasion, but normally the artist says a few words during the opening reception.
  • The nominating faculty member or unit is responsible for fundraising to cover additional exhibit costs.

Questions? Contact 

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3 photos of the Lane Hall lobby exhibit space
Images of Lane Hall Exhibit Space
featuring the fall 2023 exhibit, Sarah Buckius: !!!techn010ffspring!!!